Galahs are very loving friendly birds

The Scientific name of Galah is Eolophuus roseicapillus. The Galah is widely populated Australian bird is part cockatoo family and can be found practically everywhere in Australia. This bird is about 14 inches(36 cm) in length and it weighs about 300 to 400 grams. This species is considGalah 2 ered a very attractive bird to look at due to its beautiful coloration. I agree it is beautiful bird and I am fascinated with birds. If you haven't seen Galah here I tell you how to identify them. The plumage of the Galah is gray and they have pink feathers covering their heads as well as a crest of a lighter pink and sometimes white feathers. Both male and female Galahs look the same and can only be differentiated by the color of their irises. The male has brown irises while the female are red. As for breeding, Galahs nest in tree cavities. The eggs are while and there are usuGalah1ally two or five in a clutch. The eggs are incubated for about 25 days, and both the male and female share the incubation. The chicks leave the nest about 49 days after hatching. This species are highly social and very long lived though they are sometimes kept as pets. I like birds and if I decide to have one I will pick this bird as it is one of the friendly birds. Both male and female are great talkers, but the male is thought to be the better talker. It is one of t he very loving and affectionate birds that have a tendency to purr like cats as a sign of their affection. Wow, the more I know about this bird the more fall in love. Based on my research, they form a very strong bond with their owner and like to think of themselves as part of the family. Galahs eat a variety of seeds that they find on the ground but also like to attack crops of wheat and oats. On some occasions they will also eat small insects and fruits.