Galapagos Penguins are cool

What is Galapagos Penguin?

This species have the smallest breeding range and population size of any penguin, with less than a thousand  breeding pairs. They only occur in the Galapagos Islands, with 90% of the population being restricted to the western islands of Fernandina and Isabella. This bird is the third smallest penguin in the world, averaging only 48-53 cm in the height and ranging in weight from 1.7 to 2.6 kg.

The color of Galapagos Penguin Penguin

The adult Galapagos penguins are mainly black in color with white accenting colors on various locations of the body and a large white frontal area. As in all banded penguins, the head is black with a white mark that begins above both eyes and circles backwards, downwards, and forward to the throat. They have the narrowest head stripe and least distinctive patterning within the genus. They have a small black throat collar.

The Reproduction of Galapagos Penguins

Most penguins have a distinct annual breeding season at a particular time of year, but the Galapagos penguins does not. Galapagos penguins may produce as many as three clutches in a single year, although it is more usual that a pair will produce only one clutch and possibly a second within a year. The pair bonds are for life, enabling these birds to begin breeding quickly when conditions improve. The bond is reinforced by mutual preening and bill tapping or fencing. Two eggs are produced at interval of around four days. As for the incubation it takes up to 40 days and is shared by partner. The baby penguins fledge after 65 days.

The History of Galapagos Penguin Galah

As what I wrote above the Galapagos penguin is the third smallest species and lives farther north than any other penguin. The 90% of this bird live among the western islands of Fernandina and Isabella. They can also be seen on Santiago, Bartolommeo, North Santa Cruz, and Floreana. They breed mainly in caves or crevices of old lava flows and in burrows.

The Prey and Predators of Galapagos Penguin

Prey consists of a wide variety of squish, shrimp, krill and fish. The predators of penguins are sharks,  dogs, bears, Leopard Seal, and large marine animals.