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My husband and I live out in the country. Our house is surrounded by trees and it is difficult for us to protect our vehicles when snow or other bad weather comes. In fact last week we got some snow, and the new car we bought last summer was fully covered with snow and ice for several days. My husband and I have been worried about our vehicles not having protection. As a matter of fact we are planning to build a shop building for our vehicles someday, but since we can’t afford that right now I’m sure that buying a tarp would be a great help for us to use as a temporary protection for our automobiles. I know how much it costs to build a shop building these days. In fact last month my husband was calling metal building contractors to check the prices on a new shop building. Unfortunately we can’t afford the price, if I remember right it was 8-9 thousand dollars or more. Heck no, there is no way we can afford to spend that much money for a shop building right now, so tarps are the only way for us right now to keep our cars protected from the elements.

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