Anthyllis is use for treatment such as constipation etc

 Anthylus Anthyllis is a ground cover seed produces low growing plants that grow to only 6 inches in height. It has a bluish green foliage that has orange red flowers when in bloom. It does grow well in rock gardens or is suitable for a ground cover. This species consist of annual and perennial evergreen and deciduous shrubs and herbaceous plants. They are native to Europe. if you plant to grow this species, plant them in the fall or spring in any average well-drained soil in full sun. Seeds may be sown in pot of sandy soil in a frame, in the spring. This flowering plants are ancient remedy for skin eruptions, slow healing wounds, minor wounds, cuts and bruises, it is applied externally. For internal use, it use as a treatment for constipation and as a spring tonic. Plants can be used fresh in the growing season or harvested when in flower and dried for later use. I hope this short article help you find the answer of your homework or research.