I predict that you will like this article about predictions

My husband and I both love to blog, but sometimes we run out of material; also we like to try to keep interesting content to keep our readers coming back. We have discovered a unique way to do all of that, and also have interaction with our readers and friends. Everyone loves to speculate on possible outcomes to different events and try to predict what will happen. Unfortunately it can be difficult to do that online. We have found a website called PredictsThat.com that provides a platform to enable people to get together on their speculations. It is a lot of fun.

You simply add your prediction on PredictsThat.com and then add the link to your blog. When your readers click on the link it takes them to PredictsThat.com so they can read your prediction and either agree or disagree, or even add a prediction of their own. It's all pretty neat, and you can also post your prediction link on Facebook or  Twitter, etc. People love to try to guess the outcome of sports events, award shows, politics, even the weather. It is a really good way for friends to interact, and it can bring traffic to your blog to help boost your page rating. Check it out and give PredictsThat.com a try!