Giant Armadillo can reach 130 pounds

Armadillo When I was in my country Philippines, I never heard about Giant Armadillo as there is no Armadillo live in my country. According to my husband, Armadillo are brought by Mexican people in the United State. When my husband and I go to town, I saw several Armadillo got hit by vehicles and I feel sorry about it. Base on what I saw, Armadillo is covered with flexible armor. They look weird and have a cute mouth and have large powerful claws. I don't know if they are dangerous but when my dog saw an Armadillo she chase them. Now lets talk about Giant Armadillo. The giant Armadillo measure about 30-40 inches long, and their tails reach about 20 inches. They weigh about 40-70 pounds but they also reach 130 pounds. As for their lifespan, they live about 12-15 years.

Giant Armadillo This giant creature are found in South America, East of the Andes, from Northwestern Venezuela to Northeastern Argentina. Armadillo are very fast on the ground and can sometimes balance themselves on their hind legs and tails with their forefeet off the ground. They live in burrows near water in grassland, brush land, woodland and forest habitats. They eat termites, spiders, worms, snakes, carrion and insects. This creature are nocturnal which means, they are active at night and sleep during day time. Armadillo usually have 1-2 offspring. As for the breeding interval, so far is not known yet so is their breeding season. Maybe because they hide during day time and come out during night time.