Purple Grenadier are small birds but wise and responsible

Male Grenadier I like studying about wild life and nature. Today I will share an article about Purple Grenadiers. This bird is a common finch of eastern Africa. The Purple Grenadier weighs approximately 15-16g and 5.25 inches in length. To identify male and female grenadier. The female is smaller and mostly light brown with silvery markings around its eyes. The male is generally violet-blue color with a cinnamon colored head and a red bill. The diet of this bird, they eat small seeds of grasses and Female Granadier small herbaceous plants. The grenadier can be found in Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Northeast Uganda, Somali, Kenya, and Eastern Tanzania. Wow, this bird is like a real couple in human life. The male usually build nest, the nest mage of grass stems and panicles and usually find in low bushes or trees.

Purple Grenadier eggs Ask for reproduction, the female usually have 3-5 eggs and she incubate eggs in twelve to fourteen days. The young fledge in about three weeks looking much like dull copies of the female without the breast specking. The sexes can be identify after about three or four months. This species of bird is a common victim of brood parasitism from the straw-tailed Whydah.