Going on a Cruise

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My family and I are tired of the same old boring family vacation. We have always gone one of two places, the beach or the mountains. Usually we just alternate between the two every year. This year will be different. As a surprise to my oldest daughters that just graduated high school, we are going on a cruise. This is all possible because of the money we saved with Just energy. Our crusie leaves from Miami in 2 weeks. I have got to get to the tanning salon. I can't show up on my cruise looking white as a ghost. My kids are so excited, they have never been on a cruise before. What am I saying, I have never been on a cruise before. I hope that I don't get motion sickness on the cruise. They say the ships are so big that you don't even notice it rocking back and forth like you would on a smaller boat. I hope that is true.