Beetle has different kinds.

Let's get to know the lives of beetles.Beetles are insects that more than 300,000 different kinds are known,some of it are small as a pinhead,others are very large.Beetles come in many shapes , but they all have six pairs of legs and a hard case covering their back.The scientific name for the order of all beetles is coleoptera.I saw the flying beetles sometime makes me scared coz it looks like a bee.last night i saw one beetle flying in my room , I took the beetle and let fly for free in the outside of the house.ok anyway the african goliath beetle grows up to 10 cm long and can weigh 100 g.Beetle start their lives as eggs which hatch into grubs,or larvae.The larvae then turn into chrysalices,or pupae,before the adult beetles emerge.Many beetles and their larvae are destructive pests such as weevils,wireworms and colorado beetles do great damage to crops ,and woodworms eat through timber.However some beetles can be extremely useful,like ladybird are small colorful beetles that eat harmful insects such as aphids and greenflies,the burying beetles and dung beetles they clear animals and dung which the beetles later use as food,burying beetles bury the corpses of small birds and mammals by digging soil from under them,then the beetles lay their eggs on the buried animals for their grubs to feed on when they hatch.