Butterfly is one of the most beautiful flying insects .

Last day  I taking care of my garden  ,i saw a butterfly get on my roses blooming flowers and oh what a nice color of the butterfly has a yellow color wings with matching blue and brown body.I hate black color coz in the old beliefs its not good omen.oh sad...but I was very happy to see butterflies flying in my garden oh i hope they will always visit in my flowers.
This time I will give little information about butterflies,they are the flying insects.They are related to moths ,and lived most parts of the world,even as far north as the Arctic Circle.All butterflies begin their lives as caterpillars,which hatch from eggs.When a caterpillar is fully grown it changes into a chrysalis with a hard skin .Inside this the chrysalis changes into an adult butterfly .When it is ready ,the butterfly breaks out and flies away to find a mate and lay eggs of its own.We recognize that a butterfly has many different colours and they are made wonderful.Yes butterflies comes in many colours ,shapes ,sizes .If  the human being has a queen the butterfly had also.And the largest kind is  Queen Alexandra's birdwing of new Guinea which has a swingspan of 28 cm .At the other  end of the scale the dwarf blue of  South Africa  measures just 14 mm from wingtip to wingtip.oh see.They have queen and dwarf butterflies.oh gosh wonderfully made.