Cactus or cacti grow in a dry places especially in deserts.

Today i wanna study about cacti .I have cacti plant inside the house putted in a flower pot and oh nice cacti always in fresh looks even not watered in about few days .I'd bear in my mind when i saw my cacti plant that it's too different from other plants when i read the whole detail of cacti i did knew that they can lived in a very hot places especially deserts.oh nice ,not a thirsty ok here watchout guys ,there are hundreds of different cacti ,but they all have one thing in common they are able to grow in a very hot and dry climates.Cacti can do this because they store water in their fleshy stems.They are covered with prickly spines instead of leave's.The spines protect the plants' stores of water from raids by thirsty desert animals.Cacti come in all shapes and sizes ,from small pincushion -sized spicemens to the giant saguaro cactus that may reach 15 m in height.They make ideal nest site for birds including owls and woodpeckers.Cacti also provide food for a variety of small animals.