Find out how argalis live

Argali is look like a goat but it is not, it is similar to goat family. Argali known as the biggest wild sheep, standing as high as 47 inches and weigh as much as 400lb. The general coloration varies between each animal from a lightish yellow to a dark gree brown. To identify the males from females. The males have whitish nech ruff and a dorsal crest. The femals has horn but much smaller has males horn. This animals belong to Bovidae family and Caprinae subfamily. The argalis are herbiorous animals and feed on herbs, sedges and grass. Argalis are considered to be highly gregarious animals. They roost in large single-sex groups and there can be more than 100 individuals in one group. I like this kind of animals, looks so adorable and gentle. The young argalis remain veiled in the tall grass while the mother feeds them.