Red-billed tropic-bird is one of the cutest bird in the world

Wow, the red-billed bird is one of the cutest bird in this world which has a red beautiful billed. This bird also known as Boatswain bird which means a tropic bird, one of three closely related seabirds of tropic bird. This species also be found in the tropic latitudes of the Eastern Pacific, the Caribbean and in the Indian Ocean. Red-billed bird belong to the family Phaethontidae which contains one genus, Phaethon, and three species. This bird is one of the striking bird with a vivid, white body, black wing edges and eye stripe, red bill, and streaming tail feathers. they make their nests on ledges and in holes and crevices in the cliffs, and lay a single egg on the ground. Both parents share in incubation and in feeding of the chick. The adult is a slender and measure 48 cm long, excluding the central tail feathers which double the total length, and a one metre wingspan. They wings have black markings on the flight feathers. The female and male tropic-birds are similar, although makes have longer tails, however, juveniles lack the tail streamers are grayer-backed and have a yellow bill.This bird eat squid, fish and other sea species but they are poor swimmers. The red-billed bird has recently been found in Eastern Nova Scotia and Canada.